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We supply our clients with all the brands and styles directly from all the leading manufacturers.  These manufacturers include Phillip Morris, RJ Reynolds, ITG Brands, Liggett Brands, JT International, Farmers Tobacco, Xcaliber, KTG USA, and others.


Smokeless Tobacco, Scrap, & Snuff

Brands from US Tobacco, American Tobacco, Swedish Match, Swisher Sweet and others are always in stock


Cigarette Tobacco, Pipe Tobacco, & Tubes

In the day and age of higher cigarette prices this category continues to grow.  Products available include those from Intercontinental, Republic Tobacco, National Tobacco, and others.


Alternative Nicotine Delivery

We at Hinton & Sons believe in staying up to date with all of the new nicotine delivery systems and carry them directly from all the leading manufacturers as they come available.


Domestic Cigars

While Covid 19 greatly reduced the available styles from favorites like Swisher Sweet, Swedish Match, Good Times and others are arriving daily. Contact us for current inventories.


Premium Cigars

Hinton & Sons Cash & Carry believes that the any good tobacco store or subjobber needs a source for premium cigars, but not everyone needs or wants to deal with direct status.  We can help with cigars from General Cigar, Consolidated Cigar, Altadis and others.


Tobacco Accessories

Rolling machines, cigarette papers, water pipes, lighters, grinders and everything in between. We have you covered on the high margin items that customers are asking for. Contact us for more information.


Alternative Market Items

We at Hinton & Sons strive to find the latest and greatest products to hit the market.  Items like Kratom, CBD, Delta 9,  and others are available.



Hinton & Sons Cash & Carry believes that the key to a profitable business is high margin items that customers want.  Candles are one of those items.  Contact us for more details

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